Saturday, June 29, 2013

First week in Maryland

When I grow up, I want to be like Kimball Cho from the Mentalist. Such a serious adult and people never know when he's kidding. Plus, he always kick's the bad guy's butt! Yeah, I want to be Cho when I grow up...

My bucket list just got a little smaller. Learned how and changed my own brakes today (with adult supervision of course)!

June 28th. First two night shifts down:

This morning as I drove home from work, I thought about the little things I took for granted the last 3 years. Simple things like IV pumps, efficient computer charting, and seizure pads. Life is more challenging and creative without them, however I am convinced that wherever you go there are always people with beautiful souls to make any challenge merely a speed bump. Today I am thankful for good co-workers with whom I delivered my first waiting-room baby, a steady job, and for so many great Facebook friends who made my birthday a lot brighter!

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