Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 3rd-Korah

Jetlag is an ugly brute, but it does allow for an update. Korah was incredible. You enter the dump and the smell permeates your every pore. You see the flies and think, "Dear God please don't let one land on me!" The stigma of Korah carried by the travelers does not ever touch that of the one held by the Ethiopians. TB, leprosy, and HIV are just a few of the diseases plaguing the people. None can afford ongoing care, if any, so things like diabetes, hypertension, and leprosy go untreated. We paired into teams and set up stations to treat the patients.

My station's first patient was a crippled old man with active leprosy. Talk about getting over your queezy-ness quickly. We also treated a lady with a goiter the size of a large apple, several severely malnourished women with unmanaged HIV, and everything from wounds to pneumonia. Many patients we were able to connect to the local clinic that we we are working with and get their information for follow-up. That is where the locals who served as translators proved priceless. All had grown up in the area and could identify the shack or the tree or the family of the patient to ensure follow up. The clinic is able to provide many services for both those who can pay and those who cannot. For things like HIV, they connect the people with the proper resources to plug into a management program. The most exciting patient my station had was an older gentleman who had been blind for years. One of our Doctor's wives brought eyeglasses and was able to fit him with a proper pair. I must admit, I was skeptical and thinking there was no way we could help him based on the film and scar tissue covering his eyes. However, there was no denying the "whoop" He let out as the last pair was placed over his eyes. He was physically jumping for joy and kissing and hugging us! The excitement was electric and I was faced with my intense lack of faith in God's provision and ability to use those whom are willing. He doesn't ask us to get our Masters degree and cure cancer before He can use us, He just says come with the faith of a child. 

Please continue to pray for the team. Today we leave early for the mountains to work in a village. Please pray that our supplies last and that we are able to share God's love.

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