Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 5th-Cure and The Black Lion

Yesterday was the "between clinic" day for our group. The missionaries set up tours of both the Ethiopian branch of Cure Hospital as well as the local government hospital, the Black Lion. Cure is a non for profit organization that has hospitals in ten different countries providing both medical and spiritual care to those from all around who would not normally be able access care. The Black Lion is the government run facility and the go-to place for those who cannot afford private healthcare. The conditions of many of the patients in the Black Lion gave the team a glimpse of how blessed we are and lit a fire to the opportunity we have to share that blessing in the next few days. We will be working in a local clinic (Wudassie Clinic) which has provided a beautiful location for us to set up and run our clinic as well as offering a place for diagnostic testing and follow-up. Please pray that the team continues to be a blessing to all those we serve. Thankful to be in Africa!

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