Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Dry Times" of Life

   We all have probably experienced that dry or slow period of something, whether it be a relationship, our job, our Spiritual walk, etc. Dry spells in life are opportunities to raw-ly seek God's face without the distractions of comfort and prosperity. While that may sound contradictory, we are much more tuned into the Creator of our hearts when we recognize our need for Him to provide for us on the most basic level. What better time than When we are going through a trial?
   Your dry place is your preparation place for your Caanan place. When you are going through your dry periods of life, don't question God, be thankful for what God has done.
    In Exodus 17, Moses was weak and afraid of the murmuring people, but not to the extent that he did not call on God. God reminds Moses that God is the same one who led him out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea. When going through these periods of life, we must remember that God is available in our time of need.
   We also must understand that we cannot let others' contentment or discontentment keep us from the promises of God. When we are in our dry place, we are very thirsty and can begin to see mirages. The things of the world begin to look appealing. We start to substitute things that are not good for us because we are "so thirsty". If we allow those things to control our lives instead of the things God intended for us, we will never be able to appreciate and enjoy the promised land the way it was made to be enjoyed. The dry land is our preparation time and the time we must struggle to stay disciplined because circumstances are not easy. Remember, the struggle makes us stronger.
   If you have to fight in your dry place, choose people who will keep the Bible "lifted" or in the forefront of your thoughts and decisions as you go through your struggle. Moses chose Aaron and Hur to keep him accountable. He chose those who understood the Bible and would keep him accountable accordingly. We must be careful in choosing our friends for they are our counselors.
   There will always be two nations at war, both inside of us and outside of us. The one is flesh driven and the one is Spirit driven. The one happens inside of us and must be fought daily with the help of God's Spirit inside of us. The other is manifested outside of us in the problems of the world. Both wars will always be fought in this lifetime, but God never gives us a struggle that He has not already provided the grace for us to conquer.

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