Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor Anniversary

As I reviewed some articles on Pearl Harbor, I came across this account of two young Marine infantrymen killed protecting the lives of their brothers and defending their country. They belived in something and were truly committed to defending it. While others their age were living in the land of of opportunity, they had found a cause to represent and defend. Age does not define a person, but rather their ability to see beyond themselves and fight for a cause that is worth dying for. These men were not forced to become Marines; there are other ways of making a living just like those who responded to Pearl Harbor did not have to fight bravely. Find a cause or values and stick to them.

Perhaps you won't be given the life or death option but there is so much more to life than ourselves and material distractions. What will your obituary say? Will there be a clear purpose for which you lived or will you be just another "realy good person"? More importantly, what will you tell your Creator that you did with the life He gave you? Thank our military today as we are reminded of the sacrifices they make and consider, What are you living for?

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