Tuesday, January 21, 2014


How big is God? I recently asked some children this question and one answer "HUUGGEE" was accompanied with arms outstretched as far as the child could reach. The faith of a child is simple. Someone tells you something is and you believe it.

When I think about the one who created the world, I want to believe that He is just as "HUUGGEE" as I did as a child. When I think of the intricacies of the human body-the compensatory mechanisms I studied in nursing school, I see demonstrations of an incredibly powerful God. The limitation to my faith comes with the "reasonable" side of me. As I wake up after sleeping and begin to remember the problems looming over me, somehow that same God isn't quite big enough to manage the universe and whatever problem I am facing. Somehow that God doesn't really have time for my concerns-after all, there are things like global warming and the Middle East conflict to keep Him busy.

My how I humanize God. Can you even say those two things together? I tend to shy away from things I don't understand until I can "dumb them down" or simplify them. Sometimes it takes youtube videos. It made sense when it came to studying statistics in school, but is that an appropriate way to view God?

I was reading a book called "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson. In it he says, "It is absolutely imperative at the outset that you come to terms with this simple yet life-changing truth: God is for you. If you don't believe that, then you'll pray small, timid prayers." He then follows with, "Who you become is determined by how you pray. Ultimately the script of your prayers becomes the transcript of your life." Wow. I certainly dream big enough, but do I actually include this great, big resource of God in my dreams? Do I believe He can handle my daily crisis?

I desire to be a woman of faith. Obviously there are things I must do to put feet to that desire, but there is also the aspect of pure faith through prayer. For me it is easy to do the action things, but the mental and faith part-the part I can't see-is much more challenging. Someone once described faith as being as simple as sitting in a chair. Once you are used to the concept of the chair supporting you, it no longer becomes a scary task. Sitting becomes second nature. God desires a relationship with us in which He supports us. Prayer is a church-y term that is daunting. Consider the word "talking". This can include non-verbal communication through thoughts. Remember, God is that big and can read your thoughts. He watches us struggle and stands on the sidelines waiting for us to ask for help. He sees us going through life and desires to be a part of it. He won't force His way, but He welcomes the opportunity to be close to His creation.

As I mulled over something that has been weighing heavy on my heart, I began to think about who I could call to talk to. A number of names came to mind, people who would be there for me and be willing to help me anytime. Being the middle of the night and a non-emergency, I reconsidered. As the list grew shorter and shorter I realized I was overlooking the one who didn't rely on the sun and never slept. Again, my humanity told me that God was too busy for such things-but the faith of the child fought back saying "He is HUUGGEE!!!"

My encouragement for today is to remember the God we serve. Remember to talk to Him, not just about problems. It takes practice, like any thing in life. The more you talk to Him, the easier it is and the more sensitive to His voice you are. He speaks especially strongly through the Bible, but also through our world. Share with Him your life, after all, He knows what the plans are.

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