Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Emotions and Pain


They exist. We can't see them or touch them. We can't smell them. We can't administer them and expect for the product we distributed to be the same as when we gave it. They are based what? We cannot deny them. We can work through them but our society accepts them as an excuse. Women are "allowed" to behave inappropriately once a month and let's be honest, who is really going to know if they decide to fake that time as an excuse. Certain actions of others are deemed to have an appropriate emotional response which, under normal circumstances, would be inappropriate. These are all foggy and grey. Why the grey colors everywhere. Why not live with a solid set of rules and behaviors.

Emotions are a gift from God and can greatly enhance our life. Emotions are something that we can use as icing on the cake or abuse and just have independent. Without a solid cake to hold a shape, icing cannot be truly appreciated. Without the solid set of expectations based on something that doesn't change, emotions flit around like a feather in the wind. They may land for a time and appear to have stability but the next little gust of wind will move them to a completely different place. A feather in the wind is beautiful and sees many things, but ultimately has no consistency and therefore cannot be depended on for anything but visual diversion.

There are very few constants in this world. We could say life is a constant but that would be false. People die unexpectedly every day. We could say the sun is a constant, but what about the days it rains. We could say matter is a constant, but the second law of thermodynamics and life itself proves otherwise. Things don't just get better spontaneously, they must have a force of some sort.

Let us go beyond this world. Space perhaps? Perhaps, but it is essentially an unknown hypothesis at the present. How about getting back to the beginning/master designer.

I don't believe chaos created the world because the laws of the world daily prove otherwise. I believe in a Creator. A constant. The one thing that has consistency and has stood the test of time. The Bible has stood the test of thousands of years. I suppose if a Creator can implement the universe with His words, he can protect and preserve his Words in the writing of his creation. It is interesting how he wrote the Bible for the literate and painted creation for the illiterate and yet we still refuse to trust.

He doesn't change. Why not put him in the middle of you life-He wants to be there-and let Him guide your decisions. My world is constantly rocked. Things happen that should upset me. People fail me. I fail myself. Strangely, I cope best when I am closest to the Creator. Why would that be? Why would I be most successful when I am doing what I was designed to do? Is a toaster more successful when it is toasting bread or trying to do the job of a generator? Well it wasn't intended to be a generator and while that is a noble and lofty goal, it will never be most successful. Even if it were capable of being a generator, that was not it's purpose and emotions come with fulfillment of your purpose.


It is whatever you say it is. It is not a geometrical shape. It does not have a solid scale that across the board is objective. It is whatever you say it is.

To be continued...

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