Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunshine Through the Rain

   Sometimes life seems to royally dump on us as humans. Sometimes it's a slow and steady rain that builds up over time and sometimes it is a simple downpour. We resist and attempt to remain on our feet when suddenly the tidal waves of our feelings come rushing in and much like erosion, eat away at our soul and our knowledge of reality. What do we do during times like these? Is there anything we have to stand on.

   I believe that God never gives us more than we can handle. I also believe that He gives the toughest battles to the strongest people. That being said, my actions don't always follow and my belief drifts into the "head knowledge" storage space.

   When we as humans understand how small we are in the big picture of life and experience the humbling realization of how intricate and well-planned the natural world around us is, it is then that we begin looking for a source of and reason for our existence. Some people begin on this journey and allow the millions of distractions of life to flood out their search. Some realize the need for a "Creator" to the incredible design and abandon the search upon the realization that their life might have a design and they might not be in control. Still others educate themselves well on the matter, believe solidly in a Creator and a plan, yet live their life as if they can pick and choose where the plan is convenient and where they get to make the decisions.

   I find myself guilty of being a part of the last group. I decide that I am capable of making my own decisions completely autonomously. Leaving the Creator out of the process gives me complete freedom-or so I think. I plod along, happy-go-lucky in my own world, when suddenly things in life don't make sense. Things go awry and none of my efforts to reverse the circumstances work. I go running back to the one with the blueprints, a frustrated and confused child. The Creator tenderly embraces me and points me back to the perfect plan for my life. How many times do I wander a maze instead of following the path?

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