Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Handicap Representative

Consider your physical abilities. The ones we take for granted each day. Imagine never having been able to walk without assistance. Imagine the inability to prevent a continuous stream of drool from escaping your mouth. Picture your reality limited by whether or not your wheelchair could make it through the door or up the ramp of the places you enjoy going. 

Many people are born with or develop debilitating reality. Both are challenging but the I want you to consider those that are developed. As a nurse, I see the scenario on repeat. The CEO who used to command the respect of a company one night goes to bed and wakes up with partial paralysis from a stroke. He is no longer able to walk and his memory is skewed. The mother who is used to taking care of three generations who has been ignoring increasing lack of coordination and muscle weakness is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and watches as each day her independence slips away from her. The people who want their bodies to perform but are constantly left embarrassed at the lack of performance or sometimes inappropriate over-performance.

I wonder if, when God chose for us to be "made in His image", he tossed around the idea of doing so AND providing us with free will. As representatives of Him, how many times a day do we embarrass Him? Just like a handicap person is more than just what you see on the outside, when we are Christians we have more to us than just our physical being. That being said, we are still human and make some pretty fantastic mistakes that poorly reflect on God. 

Thoughts for today.

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